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The Building Futures in Canada web site has been developed to provide assistance to individuals who are considering Canada as a destination, are planning to come to Canada, or have recently arrived in Canada. The site includes video vignettes that profile the stories of 23 former immigrants to Canada who talk about why they chose Canada, where they decided to settle, the challenges they faced, the sources of help they received, and so on. Viewing these vignettes will enable you not only to hear the experiences of these individuals but to learn what life is like in various communities across Canada.

The Building Futures in Canada site also provides access to short videos that answer 10 of the most common questions immigrants have when planning a future in Canada.

A section entitled One-Stop Assistance provides links to many other resources, including the federal government’s “Going to Canada” web site. Other sites are designed to help new Canadians access information about finding employment, health care, credential assessment, and much more. A link to the web sites listed in the CFEE DayPlanner, a resource designed for newcomers to Canada, provides access to a wide range of organizations and programs to assist you.

We hope you find the Building Futures in Canada web site useful. We would welcome your comments and suggestions. You can use the “Contact Us” option to let us know what you think and to share ideas.